Dr. rer. nat. Favio E. Miranda Perea

Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science

National Autonomous University of Mexico


About me

I studied Mathematics (first and masters degrees) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM); after completing my doctoral studies at the Ludwig Maximilians Universitaet in Munich, Germany, within the today extinct graduate program in logic for computer science GKLI, I received the degree of doctor on natural sciences (doctor rerum naturalium) on december 1st. 2004, with a dissertation entitled "On Extensions of AF2 with Monotone and Clausular (Co)inductive Definitions", belonging to the research areas of Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science
Since may 1st. 2007 I am associate professor at UNAM's Faculty of Science in Mexico City. I am also a candidate member to the Mexican National Researchers System (SNI) since january 2009.

Research areas

My research interest areas are inside Mathematical Logic and Theoretical Computer Science, I am interested in typed term rewrite systems (lambda calculus) and their applications on the foundations of programming languages, in the foundations of functional programming by means of category theory and in the process of program extraction from proofs (specifically the so-called proofs as programs paradigm) and its implementation by means of natural deduction systems in second and higher-order logics. With respect to teaching I am interested in set theory, graph theory, category theory and order theory.


    Favio E. Miranda Perea
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