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Welcome to UNAMALLA website. Our main interest is the generation of structured smooth and convex grids over irregular regions.

UNAMALLA is the result of the joint effort of four groups of professors from the Faculty of Sciences (UNAM), the Institute of Cybernetics and Physics of Cuba, the Faculty of Physical-Mathematical Sciences of the University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo Michoacán, and of the Autonomous University of Coahuila, each one devoted to the development of modules that carry out specific tasks.

The grids generated by UNAMALLA have different geometric properties which can be combined according the problem where they will be used. In particular, we are interested in the numerical solution of partial differential equations on arbitrary -irregular- regions using mainly finite difference methods.

The meshes are generated via a nonlinear large-scale optimization procedure, starting from an initial mesh which is often non convex, until a smooth and convex grid is obtained;using discrete functional defined on the mesh cells.

The theoretical foundations of the grid generation processinvolves diverse subjects such as linear algebra, large scale optimization methods and computer geometry, among others, and promotes the interaction between researchers of different specialties, as well as gran and non grad students formation.

Numerical Reservoir Simulation Chemical Compositional

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UNAMalla 3D
Reservoir Mechanics
Numerical Reservoir Simulation

PROMEP: Programme for the improvement of academic staff

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Macro Technologies for the University of Information and Computer

Explanation:When a partial differential equation will be resolved in the context of a set of physical properties within a geometric domain that makes it intractable to be solved exactly, it is necessary to use approximate methods of solution. The approximate methods are usually used finite difference methods or heavy residues such as finite element or finite volume. These methods have been investigated intensively for over 40 years and has achieved a reasonable level of maturity. The previous approximate methods require descomposicón discrete space in adjacent cells that define a computational mesh for the problem at hand. The process used to carry out this discretization, is called "numerical mesh generation" and not on the same level of maturity that approximate methods of solution, especially for three-dimensional case.

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Numerical Simulation Multipurpose Reservoir 2005-2006

Explanation: Obtain a 3D mesh that accurately represents a reservoir of oil is essential to operate any mathematical model for describing the cost of oil likely to agree to restore escenerios possible: extractor drill more wells, drill new injection wells, closing wells, inject water, injected gas, try other recovery techniques, since then the discrete model and 3D mesh used must be consistent.

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Grid 1.0: Numerical Generation of 3D meshes, orthogonal to rebuild the hydrocarbon fields.